About Us

Netmyjob.com, India’s smartest online job portal is the new buzz on the hiring platform. We are one off the leading online job portal platform that relies on the front-line technology while providing seamless service to our clients. Netmyjob is committed to provide world class solutions to both job seekers and employers with relevant profiles across vivid geographical areas. We offer better job search results to the users by smart resume screening. Netmyjob is focused to become effective recruitment partner for all of our clients.

Our Vision

To Provide Positive and Eminent Changes by giving effective and relevant recruitment solutions to Industry.

Our Mission

We are committed to using human intelligence with the right mix of technology while creating a right pace for both recruiter and professionals. We are focused on better end user experience while delivering higher value to you through our products and services. We are setting our foot to transform the world of work.

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